Any way around a 5 unit commercial loan?

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I have been in the process of finding a property to house hack for the past couple of weeks and finally found a great deal. It is a five unit property that has three of the units leased and two vacant (I will live in one of them). The other vacant unit is a very small studio apartment. I found out that a five unit property is considered a commercial property which has different qualifications for getting a loan (20-25% down payment). I just moved here and have saved up enough money for a 3.5% down payment FHA loan plus more for other things such as closing costs, attorneys, etc., but nothing close to a 20-25% commercial loan. Is there some way that I can make the other vacant unit not a unit? Could I use it as storage or something of that nature to get around it being a commercial unit? Thank you in advance for your time!

Is it next to the one you're planning to move into? Break down the wall and make your unit larger? 

I think in order to make it a storage unit, you'd have to take out the kitchen and bathroom.....but don't quote me on that ;-)