Need help with BRRRR strategy

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I have three rental properties in West Milford ,NJ paid for with cash. I have a HELOC on House I live in. I want to get my cash out of the rentals and put mortgages on them now to pay off my HELOC. Spoke with two banks. They want me to take a Mortgage out on my house I live in and pay off my LOC and just have a mortgage on my house I live in. My question is, Is it really this difficult to do the BRRRR strategy? My rental properties have great equity in them.. Seems banks don’t want to touch them... I would be happy with leaving 25 -50 % equity in them. Anyone have contacts with a bank in north Jersey that a solid investor can work with? Thanks so much.... Chris

I don't know why you're having a difficult time finding a bank to do a refinance for your investments.

This is a very common and typical practice so I would suggest calling a few more banks or credit unions.