Making an ofer, due diligence, ofer form

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Hi everybody!!

My questions is, are you able to ofer an amount of money for a property with no comminment? Like a due diligence or something?

Meaning, you find a property, you run the numbers and then you find the contact and you place the ofer with the amount you made?

And the owner/property manager can accept or reject it?

Is there any form to make the ofer? or is just and email with the amount?

Thanks in advances for the info i could received!!

Howdy Raquel,

I'm trying to research the same thing, putting in an offer.  There isn't a form or form letter that I have found that makes sense in all situations... it's more of a packet.  See Brandon's Post

That being said depending upon how far off your numbers are from the asking price, you may not want to spend the time building that packet right away (and of then again maybe you do), and instead start a conversation to build up that relationship and maybe find out what the sellers motivation is.

Good Luck,

Paul Monda
Waco, TX