Flips vs Rentals , Your take please..

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Hey fellow BP members! Want your take on this based on your perspective please. I know some like to do long-term holds ( rentals), while some prefer flips, and some also do both. What have been your determining factors on which one to do? ( I’m kind of getting tired of rentals). Thanks.

It all depends on the numbers! 

If it's cosmetic rehab, and the rental market pricing covers more than my estimated PITI + vacancies/CAPEX/repairs etc in a good school district, I would probably rent.

If I have to put in a lot of $$$ to gut a house, it's a flip. 

Sometimes it depends on what you come across. Some properties end up being great rentals and some you end up rehabbing for cash. I've had properties that I intended to be a quick flip that ended up with good tenants so I held on to them for at least a year for tax purposes.