Inspection In Richmond TX

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Hi Bigger Pocket Members

I am a new member in the Bigger Pockets forum and have been educating myself through bigger pockets site from quite a while , this is my first post here so I apologize in advance if I may have missed something  .

I recently signed a contract for a house in Richmond Texas area Zip Code : 77407  . I am looking for references for good inspectors in that area  . Any advise is welcomed  . 



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@Rajesh Katram . If you have an Agent representing you - they would be your best source for a local Richmond Inspector. 

if you don't have an Agent, here are some Inspectors listed on Yelp:

Contact several and ask about:

1. Their level of experience (years / number of Inspections). 

2. Do they know the area you are buying in?  

3. Do they provide photos with their report?

4. Are they available to Inspect the home within your desired time frame.

5. Costs of Inspection - least Important factor (IMO)?