Is the Market slowing down?

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Hi All! I was reviewing the East Terrace (East Atlanta) solds/pending/actives last night to my surprise there were a total of 194 active properties! Mostly Recently Renovated some were new construction from $300k to $800k! some of the recently renovated DOM were around 50 days or more! I am wanting to know when you see saturation or a slow move do you still invest in that area? or do you wait. 

The market slowed a little nationwide last month with rising rates but the numbers indicate that that was a bit of a blip and it appears to be picking back up already.  That being said we are likely late in the cycle and so the trick now is to buy cashflow that can survive a down turn in prices and not focus too much on appreciation.  Buy below market now and make sure you have a healthy cash flow margin and you should be ok imo