Homer, Alaska land purchase

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looking to possibly purchase 200 acres of land in Homer Alaska next to ocean. Been to Alaska, but not Homer. Looking for thoughts on the area. Land can be parceled out to 60 separate parcels to develop. Undecided on what to do with the land, develop it or keep it for family trips and lease out for vacationers, fishers, hunters and timber. Looks like Homer has growing market, lots of retirees, fishing capital for travel and outdoor adventures. 


I live in Homer and may know the parcel you're looking at.  If it's the one I'm thinking of I would recommend taking a look at wetlands maps availabile through the Kenai Borough GIS.  Depending on the percentage of wetlands the Corps of Engineers might need to be involved.  They do what's called a jurisdictional review to determine if there are enough wet lands on the parcel that they will limit development.  A well prepared seller may already have a jurisdictional review.

Infrastructure would be the second thing I would investigate.  Road building is definitely pricey here.  Often people will install potable water storage tanks and have water delivered as good well water can be hard to find.

Feel free to PM me if you have other questions.


Hi @Brian Bradley . I visit homer often for work and with the family. If you get to the point where you need permitting help, all the way up through infrastructure and site development, my day job does a decent chunk of work in Homer every year. PM me when you get to that point. Definitely take a business trip there. The views are spectacular. 

@Brian Bradley - and to add to the chorus of proud Alaskans - Homer is amazing! Well worth a trip! We've considered way to move there it is so beautiful. It is one of the ends of the highway here - so often people find it as a road trip destination - but mostly it is the amazing Katchemak Bay (deep ocean!) and many glaciers that are visible from the gorgeous mountains and bluffs all around. Halibut fishing and more... really a special place! Coincidentally - my aunt's brother - is a part owner/operator of Portland Millwork there if you know it in/near Wilsonville.