Multi Family In Indianapolis and Surrounding Area

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On the flight right now to spend 2 days in Indianapolis. Looking to identify the market areas we want to purchase BRRRR and/or turnkey both Single Family and Multi-Family. Would love to connect with local Agents and Investors to get some knowledge. If anyone wants to meet up, PM me. Also, can anyone please give some advice on local market areas or communities to pay close attention to or visit? We are going to have a rental car so it's fine if we have to drive 1+ hours outside the city.

What’s your top 3 areas surrounding Indy to invest in and why?

If you’re looking for smaller up & coming town, look at Martinsville, IN 

It’s an undervalued market! Going to be a big hub between Indy & Btown. For Bare Feet is a big employor, State Fish hatchery, IU health network, lots of inexpensive land, New highway, largest Dr. Who store in the world, I could go on and on!

Worth checking out!!

I have been perusing the MLS periodically, mostly looking in the Nashville/Columbus area. I also have a local realtor in Nashville.