No Central Heat and Air, No Sewage - should I run

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Happy Sunday BP, Looking at my first investment. I plan to house hack. I found a duplex. the numbers work according to my analysis (it grosses about 1% of the purchase price). however the house does not have central heat and air, nor does it sewage. should I run on this deal and my first investment?

Not having central air is not a huge deal depending what type of rental you are buying.  If it is not high grade rentals no big deal.  Only 1 of my 4 rentals has central air and I get swamped with applicants everytime I have a vacancy.

If the heat source is radiators I would not mind that either.  Electric floor boards heat I would run away from the heat bill is huge.  Even if you have the tenant pay it you will be replacing them every year.

Not certain what you mean that it has no sewage.  Do you mean that it has a septic tank?  If so as long as it's in good shape it would not be a big deal.