First Post- Selling my first home, need tips.

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I have been following along here but I don't feel I know enough to chime in as I haven't started in the real estate investing yet. I have been watching Bigger Pockets for a long time on YouTube. It has inspired me SO much! So much that I'm moving from SD to TX. I'm leaving behind my parents, sister, BIL, and little nephews. It's a big deal but I'm so excited. The real estate market is really good there from what I can see. I have a degree in Occupational Therapy so I'm going to that for a bit along with real estate investing. I want to be fully into real estate investing as my FT job within 5-10 years. 

What is holding me back is, I'm trying to sell my house in SD and I'm not getting a lot of interest. It's more of a renters market here. I know I could rent it out right away and there is a local gal who is really wonderful with property management. I NEED to SELL this house though and not rent it out. I need that money to start my new life in TX. I really want it to sell fast so my son can start the school year at his new school. 

Do you have any tips for how to sell it quick? I've done Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Facebook, and flyers. Is there a place in these forums that I can post it for sale? I've done SO many updates to the house, new flooring, new furnace, new central air, weatherized. This would be a great place someone could rent out from afar. I could set them up with the property managment place that is local. It's a great neighborhood across from the school. I would post the zillow link here but I don't know if that's against the rules. 

Basically my questions are..

What tips do you have for selling my home quickly?

Is it against the rules or can I post it for sale within the forums and where would I do that?

Thanks for your help. 


Most, or all buyers have realtors because it is free. Realtors will not show your house for less than 3%. And they have signed a contract with the buyer as well as vetted their finances. In a smaller town or a hot market you may have a realtor approach you asking if you pay a commission...but most will ignore your house. If your house is on the MLS they know they will get a commission. A flat fee realtor will list you on the MLS. I paid $600 for 6 months and listspark is $7 day. You could put 3% commission on your flyer.
But it could also be price. Look on and see what houses around you are selling for. Or get your flat fee broker to run a CMA. No one wants to overpay for your or any house because when they sell they will want to at least break even.