Local Lender Recommendation in Atlanta Metro (Portfolio)

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I'm preparing to purchase my second property in greater Atlanta, GA. I financed my last one through a national lender. I'm looking to get a local bank who will hold my note in-house as I build my portfolio which can hopefully turn into a relationship with them. Any suggestions? I know there was a lender in ATL mentioned on the podcast recently but I can't seem to remember.

Thanks, Matt

@Matthew Cottrill

I understand with the desire to bank locally but why must they hold the loan?    

If your loan is a commercial loan (by commercial I mean any loan not on a primary residence) there is a VERY high likelihood your loan will be sold.   We all have hedge funds/investors with an almost insatiable appetite for these loans and nearly every lender I know sells all, most, or some of their paper.

Just a heads up that a local "big bank" is just as likely to sell your loan as I would be.