Title Search Little Rock, AR

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I have my eye on my second investment property in Little Rock, Arkansas. Anyone know a good title company over there to do a title search or handle the title on the property? Also, anyone who invests there, what are general thoughts on the market. I was thinking about purchasing an additional property around Arkansas' Children Hospital. Anyone do business around there? Thanks for your time!

Hey Alex, most of the area within the 640 is good. Over all I like the LR metro area.

I use Beach Title talk to Renea Hendershot.

Feel free to mention my name.

Agree on Beach Title. Pulaski County Title is also good. I would want to "lay eyes" on the property near Children's Hospital if I were you. Or at least have someone you trust see the property before investing. 

Agree on Pulaski County Title and also like Matt at Attorney's Title.  I also agree with Randy about wanting to lay eyes on the property and surrounding area near Children's.