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Hi Everyone!
My Name is Ben Barrel, I’m 29 I discovered BP a few days a go by coming with a friend to a meet up, And I loved it!

I came to NY to work in real-estate investing, I partnered up with an Investor that's been working in Brooklyn and Queens for the past 20 years. We opened an investment group, my office is in Bedstuy BROOKLYN. In this time I bought  2 single family houses and we just sighed a contract with a 2 Fam in Bedstuy. 

The idea of this platform is amazing!!! I always believed that this business is built on the people you know, and your growth is directly connected to the growth of your circle. It could be great to build a community of folks that work in this area(that do this part time or full ) to help each other with info, contacts, deals and give a fresh opinion on any issue that someone has

I am looking to organize a casual drinks / meetup I have a great space message me if someone is interested<: 

Hi Ben, I'm in Brooklyn, brand new to this site too and share the same sentiments, its great!  I have an investment property in Crown Heights and looking to learn more to expand.

Happy to connect anytime and join a networking event!

Hi Neil , nice to meet you that sounds great Crown Heights is a great area !  send me your number in a private massage  and i'll let you know when i'm hosting an event :>

And thank you Antoine ! glad to be here :) are you from the area also ?

Hello Ben, 

My name is Inemesit and I’m also fairly new to BP as well as investing. I’m located in the East New York/Cypress hills area and I’m trying to soak up as much information as I possibly can. I would look to attend one of your meet ups!

Hey Ben,

Joining all the great folks above. I just relocate to NYC from California I have some capital and looking actively to buy, will be happy to share information and meet some great people!


Peace Ben Definitely should set up a meet for the tri state it is very much needed and would be very cultivating. I will defiantly be their. O and by the way investor out of Jamaica Queens with JNCLegacycorp aswell as landlord for a couple of rentals in area oF JAMAICA QIEENS with a small business for depri removal or transport called IronLionllc. It is a pleasure to be connecting with you all.