Initial search 4 financing - looking purchase 2 prop at once

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@Kyle Haskins You can finance under commercial loan as one mortgage or conventional loan with two different finances. You can explore both options  to see which one is good for you.

Mrs Harjeet, thank you very much. im in a position where ive identified an area with growth potential, looking at two properties ( buy & hold) renters will be my recently reitired from military parents whom are moving too my area and want too lease for 12-24 months before they decide on which area too buy, my brother whom is in similar situation. my current problem is it seems I after talking with my LO,  thinking down the normal line of financing may not be the best option. im now looking outside the box toward creative financing  due too the lack of cash, downpayment. I am deeply greatful for the tiem youev taken too reply too my post . thank you very much