Social Media Marketing

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I'm just curious, for those of you who are real estate agents/brokers that are buying/selling, are you utilizing social media (Facebook & Instagram) as a marketing tool?  Either yes or no, I'd like to know why and how its been working for you...

@Andrew LeBaron I'm glad to see Facebook is being utilized by your company.  

You mentioned virtual assistants... does that mean you're not using a marketing agency to generate you/your company leads?  Are they running paid ads on Facebook/Instagram or are they mainly brand awareness and content creation?  

Hello Armen!  Most successful people are saying that knowing how to use popular social media sites are a must to your recognition and product advertisements that give you and your product recognition as well as popular social media like Craigslist and other sources that are popular to the general public.  I'm just starting to advertise for my products and those sites as well as your website can station interesting advertisement that may be attractive to buyers and learning how to use pictures and video to attract others to you or your products.

Good luck to you!