Anyone using a Call Answering Service

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Hello everyone.  Can anyone recommend any other live call answering services like Pat Live?  A company that will follow a script to screen callers? And I would like anyone's experience with Pat Live or some other company?  Thanks!

Hi Jon,

I used Pat Live for the trial two week period and was happy with their customer service. I didn't have the call volume that I have had recently, so I decided not to continue the service. They didn't hassle me at all when I canceled so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, at least as a trial. Ultimately though, the answering service will only follow the script and I'm finding that I'm able to get more info by answering the phone myself, so I don't think I'll go back. 

@Troy Ramey, thanks Troy. I have used them before too but it was a couple of years ago. I agree they don't use high pressure tactics. I'm just wondering what other options are out there. So I can compare. 

I just recently started using YouMail.  For a second business line on my cell phone.  They have all kinds of different features that I haven't even explored yet.  Might check them out.


Hi @Jon Collins . I suggest looking into a service dedicated to tenant calls for property investors. You want to pick a service that understands: 

  1. How to troubleshoot maintenance issues
  2. How to get contractors out during emergencies
  3. Has a network of contractors to lean on (and at good pricing)

Feel free to PM me if you want my suggestions on this. Thanks.