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Hi all! I am new to the BiggerPockets for him and I need some input on my next venture. I recently completed a very successful and profitable renovation in the greater Hartford area. One of my private investors out of upstate New York is now interested in purchasing an apartment building or something of this magnitude out of state. I have been looking at and researching a very popular resort town out west which is in dire need of employee housing because most of what’s out there is short term rentals, VRBO, etc. etc. Fortunately he is a valuation analyst for a large company so he works in mergers and acquisition‘s all day and is very in tune with the financial end of things and I have experience in the operational side of the business just not on this scale. He drew up a very comprehensive, value-based business model and we have done most of our research for the sales deck. I have reached out through my network and am confident that I have found enough investors, both accredited and “sophisticated” to fund the venture. I know that there is a lot more involved with this whole process and I have been compiling a list of things I need to do. When I feel as though I have everything covered, my plan was to prioritize and get to work. Here’s the issue...A lot of the ins and outs are new to me because I’ve been working mostly in single family residential with a short term hold and have yet to venture into the longer term buy, rent, reno, refi and exit’s a different animal all together. I’m positive that I missing a ton of stuff! I was wondering if there was anybody here that may have been involved with something like this in the past and may be able to give me some pointers as to what the next steps might be? Find an attorney, broker, locate property, (architect, engineer if we decide building from the ground up is the way to go). Really anything anyone can give me would be much appreciated, I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank you in advance!

1. What state are you looking to purchase in?

2. If you feel your funding is solid and have an idea for what you want to buy, then your next step is making friends with the Commercial Brokers in the areas you're interested in. A good broker with have connections to architects, contractors, (In Texas I legally cannot suggest an attorney) and the like.

Don't use residential agents who "dabble" it'll just waste your time (or worse). Find an agent who specializes in commercial sales.

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking in Breckenridge, Colorado and fortunately I have been in contact with a very reputable broker in the area.  I will inquire about other services needed when I speak with him.  Thanks again!

@Paul Rosenbeck Well done on your successes. The fact that you understand what accredited and sophisticated investors are is a step ahead of most aspiring syndicators. I would however strongly recommend joining a mentoring program that will help you pull "all the bits and pieces" together. I am in Brad Sumrok's program and the "eco-system" that Brad facilitates is amazing! From attorneys (including Gene Trowbridge who I met this last weekend), due diligence engineers, GC's, 3rd party management companies, lenders, and "all the bits and pieces" you need for a successful syndication - not to mention the great broker contacts for sourcing deals! You can absolutely syndicate without a mentor and without being in a "sophisticated" group but I assure you that you will get things done a lot faster and smoother if you are. Let me know you want any further info. * this is of course if you are interested in multifamily "commercial" (apartments), which is what I assumed after reading your initial post