Who should pay for septic pump out during Inspections?

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I'm currently under short sale contract, but no earnest money has been exchanged. I just got a quote from a septic service . The inspections would be 175 and If needed...... a additional 300 to do a pump out in order to inspect it. So I may be looking at 475 just to do the inspection???? Hell no. I think the seller should pay for the pump out if it needs it. I know your probably gonna say put a amendment in the contract, but ive been working on this deal for 2 months now. 

what's the standard on this? 

Thanks all!

There isn't a standard in my area. Everything is up for discussion. However generally if the buyer is paying they have to put additional money in escrow. This is in case something bad happens during the pump and inspection, it can be returned to working order. A short sale makes things tougher, generally the owner has no money (which is why it is selling less than they owe) and I will just about guarantee the bank is going to say "no" if you even get a response. Figure the bank is just as happy foreclosing on that property and getting a guarantee back from the feds (If it's a fed backed mortgage) than selling it to you at a loss. 

Good Luck!