Flip design decision on flooring (Sacramento Area)

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I'm currently renovating a house that I plan to sell within 1-5 years. This is not exactly a "flip" because I will be renting it meanwhile, but I do need to look at it from a flip perspective considering I am planning on selling near term.

House is 1050 sq feet which is on the very low end of houses in neighborhood. Current ARV is around 320-340k. If appreciation continues in Sac, I estimate I will be selling above 380-400k price point.

I tore up the carpet and found hardwood in the bedrooms and living room. The kitchen did not have hardwood(had some wood particle board). Due to the fact that the hardwood is not in the best shape, and the fact that we made some small layout changes I don't think keeping the original hardwood would play out well at the 400k price point, so I plan on doing some flooring. 

The place is only about 1100 square feet. I tore down a half wall between kitchen and living room which looked terrible and now I basically have an open layout(rectangular shape 13.5' x 30'). I have a few choices here;

1.) WPC - Entire house ($2.10 per square foot, 6.5mm decent quality) 

- This will cost a straight 2100 for material and about 1000 installation for a total $3100

2.) Engineered Hardwood - Entire house ( $4/sq foot) 

- $4000(wood cost) + $1000 installation  = $5000

3.) Engineered Hardwood & Carpet ($4/sq foot) - Living,kitchen and hallways(500sq ft) will be hardwood &.  bedrooms will be carpet.

- This will cost roughly $2000(500 sq foot hardwood material) + $500(hardwood install - 500sq foot @ $1/sq ft) + $800 (carpet & install on 500sq feet) = $3300 

What do you guys think of these choices? I see a lot of properties being built with carpets in bedrooms these days, but am unsure if I want to break the flow of the house to put hardwood as opposed to entire house in WPC. 

Below are some pics to get feel of outside the property as well as the sort of narrow open layout between kitchen and living. 

@Edit B.

If the home was just going to be a straight rental, I would recommend doing hardwoods throughout the home. Less maintenance, easier to clean, lasts much longer than carpet.

But since you plan on reselling at a later date, I would recommend going with hardwoods / tile in the kitchen, living room, dining room and hallways and carpets in the bedrooms. 

The reason homes are built this way is for less echo and more comfort in the bedroom. Whereas in the rest of the house you're more likely to spill food or drink and hardwoods and tile are much easier to clean.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong either way and it's not going to make that much of a difference. I wouldn't overthink it too much.

@Wes Blackwell thanks for the input. I decided to go with wood plank long tile in living and kitchen and LVP in other areas. It'll give me the durability and higher end look I need