How to sell real estate deals on You Tube?

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Has anyone ever done it? How does someone new to doing this with zero experience making videos present their deals to potential buyers on You Tube? There are some videos out there where investors just did a walk through of the properties and provided details of their deals flashing across the screen (I don't know how they do that) or in the comment section below the video without saying anything.

I would check into a local real estate photographer instead of trying to do it yourself. If you can afford it, professional photography/videography is 100% worth it.

A lot of them will do video tours as part of their services. You can also check into photographers with Matterport cameras. They allow you to do super cool 3D style photography and videography. There are also lot of editing software products that will allow you to add the text to the videos. 

If you are just starting out and wanting to do it on your own, I would try out doing a FB live video first. Just do a narrated walk-through and get a feel for that before shelling out the money for a high dollar camera. 

@Cassi Wischkaemper I may be able to find someone who can do that for a fair price, but I was thinking this is something I can do on my own with my cell phone video camera.

@Tony Marcelle , if you are trying to do it on your own I would try out the fb live option first before venturing into youtube. It's a little easier to work with and more common for cell phone videos on there. 

It might seem “cool” or “creative” to put your house on YouTube for sale, but what percentage of the buyers in your market do you think are looking for houses to buy on YouTube?

I'm a video professional and a newbie real estate investor.  One thing to think about is your way of thinking.  Shift from "how do I sell this property on YouTube" to "how do I use a video on Youtube to show and educate a buyer that may be interested in this property."  I've heard over and over on BP podcasts "try to solve other people's (i.e. buyer) problem.  

Idea to find videographers in your area:

- Search for video production companies online.  Tell them what you want do and your budget.  If you are under budget for them, they may refer you (or ask for a referral) to the appropriate person in your area.

- Search online for a local college/community college/training course that has a video production program.  Students are a good resource for non high $$$ productions and they have to flexible time to do it.  

- Post what you want done on Craigslist.  You can post in either the "Jobs> TV/Film/Video" or "Gigs > Crew" section.

You can also read my reply to Joshua Hively. 

I hope that helps