Looking for an investor friendly Realtor in Cobb County, GA

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We are first-time home buyers (and aspiring real estate investors) relocating to Cobb County, Georgia in late September (Marietta/Smyrna area). 

We plan to buy a property to begin our investing career, but we also need a place to live! We will be in the area September 7-12th for our "house hunting trip"... most of our research so far has been done online via Redfin, Zillow, Craigslist, and we've been given access to MLS alerts through a couple people we've met networking. We'd love someone to spend some time with us during these days to help us find properties and show us around the area.

Here is what we are looking for (we have options!) and we aren't afraid of a property needing some cosmetic TLC -

  • Duplex, triplex, or quad that we can house-hack; 300k max budget
  • Single-family home (3 bedrooms max); would like to stay around 150k if we go this route. Hopefully something we can live in for a couple years and then turn into a rental
  • Single family home w/ 2 bedrooms and over 1000+ sq/ft so we can add a 3rd bedroom to increase value
  • Single family home w/ unfinished basement and separate entrance - we'd consider finishing the basement to create a downstairs apartment

Any takers?!

Thanks in advance!

I would love to help you in your search. I am a local realtor and my husband is a general contractor. We work with investors finding investment properties. I can help you find your next home in Georgia, as well as potential investment properties.

Hi @Daniel Caraway and welcome to BiggerPockets! 

I work with an investor-focused super-agent/broker here in Atlanta. In addition to being responsive and knowledgeable, she is also an experienced landlord and property manager. She can help with your multi-family search as well as your SFH needs. We recommend her to all our out-of-state and overseas clients.

I'll gladly make a warm introduction for you if you connect with me here on BP!

For the record, I receive exactly nothing for making these referrals.