tax lein property in houston texas

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won the bid on a tax lein property and now the folks wont move and will not pick up the

registered mail letters I've sent for redeeming the the process of getting them evicted...what happens if

they still don't move

@Monique Burns .  Regardless of whether people pick up registered letter, the very fact you sent the registered letter is prima facie evidence of notification as long as you have the receipt, and should be accepted by JP Court. 

There may be unique circumstances (people have lease, etc) otherwise, if they don't move / will not move, then you go to JP Court and file for eviction. If approved by JP, constable will serve the Eviction Notice, and  if they still don't move out, JP will order a forcible eviction in which constable will show up at house, and "keep the peace" while you and your workers remove the people belongings to the curb. YES - you will be responsible for paying workers to remove items from the property to street curb.

Sometimes putting a non threatening note on the door helps, which says something like “I am the new owner and would like to help you move. Please call me to discuss several options one of which is me paying your moving expenses “
This opens up a conversation, that will help you determine why they don’t want to move or are not responding.
The expense to move may or may not be a whole lots (cash for keys), instead of them wasting months of your time.