Stumbled across both deals today, and this would be my first deal. At face value they don't quite pan out, but I think there is potential for both to work out very well:

1st deal is a 3 bed 2 bad near a college. Asking 105,000 currently renting for 900/mo. I asked the agent to reach out to the current tenant and find her interest on maintaining tenancy if I were to rent each room independently. $400 per room, gave her the option to seek roommates. The tenant said she would be interested in that. The numbers would break down as follows:


21.2k Down

Cap 8.33%

COC 11.72%

NOI with Loan $2857 ($238mo)

2nd deal is a duplex pocket listing. 3 bedrooms each side, also near the same college. One side has been renovated and rents currently for 750, the other side rents for 675. I don't think it would be unreasonable to rent each room 300, equaling 900 per side. The numbers would break down as follows:


28k Down

Cap 9.62%

COC 17.34%

NOI with Loan $5584.38 ($465mo)

What are your thoughts on the numbers, and do you think I have realistic expectations to be able to raise rents and be successful? With this being a college town I would expect that I could rent rooms independently, though I am looking for input. 

Thank you