Help me spend $500k!

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Hi BP:

I am new to real estate and I have a war chest to spend. I've been reading and listening about real estate for about a year and feel ready to put a plan into place. But, before I do, I want to hear your thoughts... Help me BP, you are my only hope! 

Little about me:

I have about 500k in cash. I'm 33, no debt, and my credit score is 750+. I work in tech and have a great job but want to move into passion areas (writing fiction), hence the desire to build passive income. 

Question, how do I retire on 100k/year in 2 years? What would you do? 

Thank you BP!


Loan me 500k at 2 percent interest on a 100 year amortization schedule. You’ll make a fortune

Side note don’t advertise how much money you have

@Caleb Heimsoth is right. its probably not good to advertise how much money you got on this site. You will be hounded with the next big thing. 

On second thought, Did you know the lakes of the ozarks have more coast line than California? I know a guy in the ozarks...