Trouble Finding “For Sale by Owner” seller

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Hi everyone, My name is Zach and I am new to BP. I am 26 years old and beginning my journey in real estate investing in the southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island areas. I recently came across a single family home in my area that has a sign on the door saying “for sale by owner” but there is no contact info anywhere on the house. I called the town hall (assessors, clerk, and collectors offices) and found out that the owner had passed away. I know the son’s name by reading the obituary but no contact info. How can I go about tracking down a phone number of the owner of this property? If this property works out my plan would be to pursue a FHA owner occupancy loan, live in it for a year and fix up, move out after a year and rent the property out. However, I am open to any suggestions. Very new to this and educating myself every day. Excited to make my first deal! Zach

Do you know for sure the place is vacant? The son may have lived with his father. So maybe just knock on the door. 

Another option, particularly if the son's name is unique, is to look him up on Facebook. If he has a page, you can message him to find if they are one in the same. 

There are probably better ways, but those are a couple I would try today if I were in your shoes. Good luck!