(Foundation repair) Does this sound like a long term fix?

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I'm under contract on a duplex and one of my unacceptable conditions was the foundation which showed signs of significant movement (see below pics from inspection report). I requested that repairs be made before closing that would be a long term fix to the foundation issues.

At first, the seller tried to pull a fast one on me and push through minor "band-aid" level repairs instead of legitimate long term fixes while feigning ignorance. Naturally, I am extremely on guard now and don't want to take the seller on their word at face value. Now afterward, they told me they would proceed with a more serious fix that would be an actual long term solution to the foundation movement. I just received the quote below from the seller for the work that he says will be done. I have very little expertise when it comes to foundations but, to my untrained eyes, it appears to be a legitimate attempt to fix the problem long term. To me at least, it sounds expensive and it would surprise me a bit that he would so quickly change face without any fight. Could someone with more foundation experience please help weigh in on this for me? It would be greatly appreciated. This is my first property purchase and I am nervous about trusting this seller without understanding this more. Below is the entirety of the info I was sent. The only parts removed was the seller's name and address. (Thanks for reading my novel of a post! It is greatly appreciated.)

If this is your first property I'm not sure I would recommend starting off with one that needs 8 piers.  Even with a transferable warranty it can scare aware home buyers if selling this down the line is an exit strategy.  If it's a long term buy and hold it's not a huge deal as long as it produces enough cash flow to be worth it.

I would pay a couple hundred dollars for a structural engineering report and take a reputable mason to evaluate it as well.  The masons knowledge along with the engineering report should be enough for you to decide if it's worth closing on or cancelling all together.