Morris and Kiyosaki.............

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I got an 📧 with those two names. Didn't open to read it all. 

2 Titans of real estate. I'm thinking Madison Square Garden. 

Would you sell your Journey/Def 🐆  🎫 S to see Morris n Kiyosaki Live in person? 

@Eric Adobo

I love Journey, not a big Def Leppard fan but I would definitely sell their ticket to get Morris and Kiyosaki any day. I follow Clayton Morris on Youtube and have Kiyosaki in my bookcase. These guys make you really think outside of the box when it comes to wealth building. Their advice to me priceless.

I would trade 2 hours of euphoria coming from Journey/Def concert any day for a lifetime of lessons and advice from these two real estate giants. Here is a little information on Clayton Morris, he use to work for FOX NEWS as an anchor but was also doing real estate on the side. He got so big enough in real estate where his daily expenditures are covered by the cash flow from his investments, so he quit FOX NEWS.

Wouldn't want to know how he did that? I would.

@brian adzadi @eric adobo

You want to know how Morris did that?  Why don't you do a search on "Morris Invest" in these forums and read about the nightmares he has created for every investor who has done business with him.  Then you will get your answer.

@Mark Fries and @Brian M.

I honestly do not know what went down with his business dealings. That is why I don't take these "real estate titans" seriously. I listen to their advice and go to biggerpockets and see how to bring it into fruition on my own instead of taking their "courses". Advice wise Clayton Morris makes sense. 

They must be best Buds. 

I don't see how Kiyosaki would want Morris using his name to hype stuff. 

Hard for me to believe Kiyosaki peeps would allow this. 

Disclaimer... I still didn't open 📧.