Inspection found previous water damage - now what ?

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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of closing on a property from a reputable turnkey provider.

Home inspection has identified standing water damage to hard wood floors (which were not replaced during renovation). The damaged areas is along the walls , in the corner of one of the rooms , where there are 2 windows on each wall.   Some minor repair was performed, per the report the floor is solid and there is no mold found in the house...  The damage was visible as cosmetically the repair is not blended in to the rest of the floors.

What assurance should I ask from the seller to ensure that the root cause of the standing water damage is taken care of ?

Any suggestion/guidance is appreciated...

Thank you

@Leo Arta I'd personally be hesitant to purchase the property. 

Standing water damage + partial (and possibly shoddy) rehab + turnkey company = too much risk for me.

Definitely reason to pause, but if the inspection says there is no mold and that the floor and walls/ceiling are dry (this is important that the walls/ceiling are dry), then it may very well be an old problem.  Is there some sort of indication that the windows are new or that the flashing around the windows is new? 

But given that the old damage to the floor is still visible (is it minor, or it is bad/obvious?), that is a bad sign - a real turn-key renovation would have addressed it by at least sanding or refinishing the floors.  

Also, any good turnkey provider will address any issues found in the inspection, so ask them to fix it.  For the turnkeys I've purchased, the provider always fixed things that surfaced in the inspection with very little argument.

Keep in mind also that inspections will turn up many things and sometimes make them sound worse than they are. Do you have photos of the water damage on the floor? Perhaps it is minor or a limited spot, and no big deal? But if it is obvious, then TK provider must fix it before you close.

The TK company has good reviews and credibility  per the BP forums - and I would like to hope that it is an oversight of the construction crew.

Windows/flashing is not new and inspector did not mentioned any water or dampness on the walls in the report.    TK provider already started to work on the issues identified and will be sending me the pictures later on.    I would imagine that they will sand the floor and blend it in with stain,.

This issue is the most concerning , the other big ticket item is the missing vapor retarder in the crawlspace under the house. The other items are small like missing electrical face place, etc etc...

I am attaching the photo of the damaged flooring.  

@Leo Arta I would ask for, and possibly require, whatever it is that you want the TK provider to fix so that you feel comfortable with the property.

This TK company may be reputable but I would always err on the side of making sure that everything is done properly. The property should be "turnkey" after all, right?

Do you have underside photos, are you comfortable with the subfloor condition?  Sanding will not get the majority of that out and you will have to stain everything to get it closer to matching.  You could find a good contractor that can replace some of those planks and get it closer without having to stain too dark.  A vapor barrier is relatively inexpensive, and probably should be fixed by TK as well as the face plates. Maybe be concerned more that something so obvious was missed as the face plates (cutting corners)?  Good luck.