Should I make an offer?

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I sent direct mailers targeted to probate leads and a motivated seller responded back.  The seller is the brother of the deceased who lives out of state and wants me to make an offer, but I needed to see the property first. I went to the property to take a peek at it from the outside.  I thought the house was vacant. I did not know someone was inside the home the whole time I was there looking around at the house. I left immediately. Should I make an offer on this house even though someone else is living in the home?  I need to see the whole property inside and out to make sure I am making the right offer. The house may need a lot of repairs on the inside, but I would not know if I do not see the inside.  I was really hoping the house was vacant. I don't know who was inside that house, but I am assuming whoever the person was inside the home might be a renter.