Tax deed investing in Alabama

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I'm looking for the best strategy to start investing into tax deed properties in my area. Anyone have any knowledge on the topic as far as funding, making the redemption process easier, ect ?

@Denise Evans 

Is the best person to learn about Tax Deed Investing  in Alabama. She offer classes in Birmingham about the subject. I took one of classes and learned a lot. Here is a link to her website. Trust me if you are serious it is worth the price. 

Thanks @Edwin K. !  That really makes me fee good that I'm providing a valuable service. Plus, based on what I hear about what so-called "gurus" are charging for advice they hear from me and then recycle without really understanding what they are saying, my prices  are bargain basement!

@Anthony Smith I second @Denise Evans tax deed investing class. I haven't been to one in about 7 years, I took it in Montgomery for CE credit I have to complete with the real estate commission, but she does open it up to non-licensed individuals. It's an information packed class that I believe you'll find very helpful. She does have a few video's online that you can purchase too, I believe. I just had an investor I work with go thru her class not too long ago - definitely work check into her!