Evidence of previous termite treatment

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Dear Bigger Pockets Community,

I have contracted on a single-family home in Memphis, through a turnkey company. The turnkey company have been great so far but I have just had the report back from the termite inspection. Although there was no visible evidence of termite infestation, there was “evidence of previous treatment”.

I inquired what the previous treatment was and after a bit of back and forth got the following response:

-The evidence seen of that were drill holes from that previous treatment. 

-The drill holes are located all along the foundation of the property.

-The number of holes is unknown.

-The drill holes indicate that the property was, at some point, treated for subterranean termites. This treatment was done at an unknown time by another company. This does not necessarily indicate that there were ever termites present, it just indicates that a previous owner was protecting the house.

Based on this information is there anything I should be worried about or you would recommend getting additional inspections done on? I am making this purchase from overseas and cannot directly visit. I just want to make sure I do as much due diligence as necessary before closing.

Thanks for any advice!


@Noel Bradshaw

When this type of treatment is done, the company that applied it guarantees it via a termite bond.  In essence, you pay a fee (typically under $250/year for ten (10) years) and they guarantee the work.  If termites are then found, they would handle the repairs and re-apply the treatment. 

When properties are sold, they try to keep the business and make the bond transferable to the owner.  

A couple of things to consider:

  • Ask the seller if there is a termite bond on the home if so, you can get more details (when it was treated and whether it is transferable).
  • You can contact a local pest company for them to do an inspection and see if they would then offer a bond, they would have a very good idea of where the core drills are and see if they need to re-apply. Sometimes inspectors have relationships with the pest control companies and this is included in their inspection fee.

Good luck.

@Noel Bradshaw   Sounds like the typical treatment for subterranean termites (i.e. drilling holes).  I've had it done at several properties.  If the current inspection came back with no evidence of current termite infestation, it sounds like the previous treatment did its job and I personally wouldn't be too concerned.