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I am flipping a house in Baltimore and wondering peoples thoughts on details like crown molding, garbage disposals, and exposing/repointing brick. Material costs are adding up and trying to cut some corners. The property ARV is around $220k

It depends on what the comps have.  In my area a $220k house will most likely not have crown molding but that could be different where you are.  A garbage disposal is almost a necessity anymore in the kitchen.

If you are trying to cut costs just don't to it unless it is necessary. Crown molding-No, garbage disposal-probably yes unless there is some major re-plumbing you have to do, exposing/pointing brick-keep it covered with drywall,  if this is exterior brick veneer then ya you probably need to clean it up for better curb appeal. 

@Ryan Greenberg you need to know what your competition has. What area of baltimore? i would think most areas  with that price point would expect pretty decent level of finishes. That means likely yes to all the things you mentioned. 

It would also mean real hardwood and ceramic tile floors, high quality tile shower and bath surrounds, and granite countertops.

Other than the exposed brick, crown molding and garbage disposals we do most of that stuff in our rentals in $120 K neighborhoods.