Trash House Neighbors

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Would you buy a house that would be a great flip or rental in a neighborhood that all the houses are well kept except for the house next to the property that is for sale? The house next door is typically your redneck trash house with unkept yard ,with trash and broke down cars and lawn mowers in yard .

Hey Aaron,

I purchased a property in a gentrifying neighborhood in the winter in Cleveland.  Quiet street.  It’s cold so no one was outside.  Once it warmed up the people that live across the street are outside all day sitting on the porch, playing loud music, partying, selling drugs etc...  The up and down units for R3hab nicely. The upper unit was rented before it warmed up. Just finished the down unit and I am having trouble finding a tenant because of these neighbors. One Bad house on an otherwise good street can be problematic. Might still be a good investment but will add extra headache. Try to buy the bad house as well If the numbers work. A good friend of mine will buy up entire streets and make the neighborhood just the way he wants. It has worked very well for him.  

We all have seen the movie "BAD NEIGHBOURS". what i mean to say is, It is very important to have a clean and nice neighborhood, Its just not going to be a property but it is an investment done from hard earned money so better have a safe and wise decision, In future even you sell it you should get the right price for it and just because f few properties whole streets value goes down. so think twice to make a decision!!