Selling Morris Invest Property

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Hi everyone

I have a number of investors of properties who are looking to sell. I am looking to gather a list of buyers in Indianapolis for them. The properties are in various conditions, but all need work. After pouring a ton of money in these properties, looking at the numbers, it doesn't make sense for these investors to spend any more resources on them. However, this could be a great deal for locals or those who already have the necessary connections in place. These properties have changed management away from MI recommended PMs. Any past liens are likely taken care of. Squatters removed. Please send me your company info and contact. Thank you.

Son D  I can help U I know a company that specializes in this area and have the means to cash them out.  IE they work C/D class..

I suspect many need to do this to establish their loss's for the pending litigation.. 

keep in mind these properties are going to revert to the mean  IE wholesale prices so there is going to be a ton of equity lost.. but one call I can probably get them all sold  no problem.