High End Multi-Family as a good House Hack?

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Is house hacking A Grade properties a bad idea (as long as the numbers work).  What are some of the issues I would deal with, not normally found in normal fixer upper or need rehab properties?

- Most Multi Family in my area is D/C Neighborhoods and houses.  The B/A properties are slim but there.   

- I found a $330k Duplex, that would net about $200 per door.  Very minor rehab needed, maybe new vanities and paint.  Most of it is "turn key" updated.   

It all depends on your market and your cash. A more expensive unit has a lot higher mortgage and downpayment. If you weren't able to rent out the other side, could you still afford the mortgage? 

Also, at that price point your tenants will possibly be more needy and expect perfection.