Does anyone know John Cochran?Is

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Is anyone familiar with him and his company National Wealth Club? Is anyone familiar with his software program called Buyers On Fire? If someone knows this guy or anything about his product, tell me is he legit or not?

Hey Tony

I've worked with John for 5 years now and can say with complete honesty he's the real deal. 
He spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on research every year that he uses to help his students, he's

passionate about his students and I've seen him bend over backwards to help them. He's a great marketer and gives proven systems not theory based things. 

As for Buyers on Fire, it's a pretty powerful CRM that we're constantly adding new feature to. If you have some questions on anything feel free to call Boo or Logan at our office - those two guys can answer any questions you have to make sure you're getting involved in the right program for you :) And don't worry - they're not your typical commission hungry sales reps, John pays them hefty salaries and they know their  biggest priority is to find out what each person actually needs and see how we can help them so you won't be pressured into anything.

Just figured I would share my thoughts from the other post here as well, had a bad run-in with John himself and I am not happy about how he treated me as a customer.......

I had to search high and low to talk to someone after I purchased the product. The only way I could get in touch was through the buyers on fire FB page. SOOO anyways, I missed most of the webinar but signed up because I had high respect for John and always thought he gave good content. The program was talked up to be so good and completely push button with no effort.....everything done for you! After purchase I had an email inviting me to a webinar training, that was it. I looked in spam and no login so I went to the site and used the forgot password button to be able to log in. I was promised to get 150+ leads and didn't see any and I also wanted to know if someone would help me get the system set up. After looking for some form of customer service and stumbling onto the FB page, apparently John answered the FB message to me. I asked about getting set up and the leads and he basically told me I need to be patient and "all will be revealed" in the future. He said that is what the 4 training webinars are for, one each week.

I do have to point out I am weary about buying systems and I typically don't invest with those I do not trust, or ones that at least don't have a money back guarantee. So this system has a 30 day guarantee but John tells me he only does that because the company he takes cards with requires him to. He also stated you would receive the leads around week 3 and proceeded to get rather snippy with me because he evidently said this on the webinar. My worry was the potential of a product not working hints why I look for a money back guarantee. However if it takes a week before I can get into it and a 3 weeks before I get the leads, how can I really know if I have something that will work prior to that 30 days being over? There are plenty of real estate software/education scams out there so I felt like this was a very valid concern. Instead of handling the concern professionally, John stated I expected results over night and that he did not want to work with me so he was refunding my money. I know these things take time which is why I wanted the time to try it out!!

The entire conversation was pretty much him pushing his weight around and not really being understanding or interested with my thoughts and concerns at all. IMHO he did not keep a professional manner and did not handle the issue in a customer friendly fashion......I am glad he refunded me at this point since I am not interested in rolling the dice on any more $1500+ programs but I was shocked to see that he did not care to better explain the reasoning behind the waiting time for setup VS the guarantee time limit ......or even try to level with me as a customer.

How do you know the product really works when you have to get right up to the end of the guarantee before really utilizing it?
How can you purchase into something that has no support team to reach out to?
Is the program really just too new and still being finished?

Why not at least give someone a courtesy call after they sign up to be sure they understand the set up process?

He says he stands behind his product 100% but if that is true, why not offer enough time on your guarantee to conclude the training and really be able to dive into the software(maybe 60 days instead of 30)?

What does that really speak about your business when you try to run off a fan/subscriber instead of having empathy and addressing the issue?

All in all I just don't appreciate how this was managed from beginning to end and I wouldn't recommend risking it unless he lengthens the guarantee, shortens the training/setup time, and gets an actual support staff......that is customer oriented!