Buying without an agent

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Hi BP community,

So i found a property off market and the owner would like to sell without having agents involved (due to commission, etc) What are some of the things I should look at? I usually work with agents and have a feel of what the house is worth. Any tips?  

How are you buying, if you're using anything other than cash chances are you will need an appraisal. You can have a lawyer draft up the contract and then send it to the title company...

Hi, Steven White from Anderson S.C. I just purchased a single family about 8 months ago with no realtors involved my lender walked me through the process.... Attorney, title Co. Appraiser,termite inspection etc.. went pretty smooth. 

@Alejandro Lee There are a few things you should look at. If you still need help PM me and I will gladly help answer any questions you still have. What is it you are specifically looking for in your question? Ie. should a lawyer or agent look it over, should I pay a flat fee agent to do It for me, what contract should I use, what contracts and disclosures are required, etc.

You should be able to skip using an attorney and just get a transaction coordinator "TC" to handle all the paperwork. The TC will ask you for the terms and should be able to generate the paperwork. They do many more transactions than the typical agent or attorney, and many are even licensed as agents themselves.

I'm looking for a Transaction Coordinator in Austin, how does one go about tracking down this person?

Also, is it true that if a buyer does not use a broker, the seller's agent will simply take the whole 6% commission fee?