Having multiple real estate agents?

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So I have been on the search for a good real estate agent. Do many of you start out with a few of them and as you progress you start to figure out which one you want to proceed with? I have been in contact with a few of them and each of them have their downfalls. 

Do many of you keep shopping for a real estate agent until you find a good one, even if you use a few of them at the same time to determine which one you feel most confident with?

.....This post sounds like i'm in a love triangle..lol...anyways.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

@Adam Mittermeier I have used various different real estate agents. I always avoid signing an exclusive buyer agreement that goes past the date of closing. A lot of agents will try to get you to sign one. I am very upfront about it and let them know that I will work with them on this specific deal, but I am always looking at different agents. They may get upset, but its a business. You want to find the best agent out there to meet your goals.