Real Estate Market in Coastal North Carolina

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Evening all!

I've been noticing the real estate market in Connecticut getting a little flooded. Going back to my Marine Corps roots, I spoke with an old marine buddy of mine who suggested scoping out his (and my former) neck of the woods - Onslow County, Camp Lejeune, Stone Bay, Swansboro, Hubert, Richlands, Surf City, Topsail and the southern Outer Banks. We are interested in doing some flips and new construction. Is there enough going on down there to make a profit?


@Timothy Jacobson  

The market is on fire down here.  I am a real estate agent, PM (own a PM company), and real estate investor in the Camp Lejeune area.  Rental rates are up, sales are up over 10%, there is a ton of new business coming to the area.  Typically Onslow County has between 1200-1400 active rentals in the market.  Currently there are under 400.  Most houses in good condition are under contract within a few days.  There are still deals you can get in the area, you just need to move quickly or they are gone.  I also have a couple wholesalers in the local area that I go to to help find deals for my investor clients.  Please feel free to reach out to chat.