Closing Costs in New Jersey

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Rough estimates:

Attorney - between $1,250-$1,750 .

Survey (optional) - $750-$1,250.

Title insurance - Depends on purchase price and is set by law,  but lets just say $2000.

Settlement agency - $550.

Title Search  - $500-$600.

Miscellaneous (recording fees, etc.) - $400.

If you provide the settlement agent with more money than what is needed, then the remaining amount should be refunded to you a few days after closing.  

@James Lloyd covered almost everything. Only things I would add are make sure if it's not a cash deal that you calculate in any escrows the bank will be collecting at closing (few months of taxes and insurance) and any loan costs. You'll also have mansion tax if purchase is over a million, and of course your inspection costs. 

Also, if you adjust for taxes with the seller, you may end up owing some money there since we are past the deadline for payment of the 3rd quarter, so be prepared for that, too.