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Anyone here on BP have any experience investing with Kris Krohn in Utah from Limitless TV on YouTube? He seems to be legit, pushes the lease option program a little heavy, but has tons of good info available online. Just wondering if anyone has any positive or negative experiences working with his team.  Company is called Strongbrook I believe. 

Kris is a nice guy.  I have met him a few times around here (we live in the same county).  I have never personally done a deal with him, but I know a few people who say they were cash positive on the deals - not sure how much money or how much brain damage it took to make the money, but they said it was profitable.

I have heard stories of people who were pretty unhappy with his system/program/whatever you call it, however never heard anything negative first hand from somebody who actually did a deal with him - always through somebody else - so really who knows how bad (or good) those deals really are / were. 

ok thanks. Just wondering if I should invest with him or try to do what he’s doing on my own. Found a lot of negative stuff on BP about Morris invest and a few comments about lifestyles unlimited, just wanted to see if Kris has any bad press out there. 


Where did you find "tons of good info"? I looked on his website, and everything costs $1000-$3000.  Probably good stuff but I didn't see much free info.  He has a free download of his book "The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth" but it's missing chapters 4-8. I emailed them about that last night but haven't heard back. Not sure if that was done to entice me to buy a hard copy of his book.

I should have stated that the good info is on his YouTube channel. I also download the ebook but have not yet read it. His programs cost a good amount of money, I don't see paying for that unless that's what one wants to do. I'll stick with BP.

Bill, go to page number 76 and see if the next page is blank and then scroll down and see if you now are on chapter 9 and page 187.  Trying to figure out if I just got a bad download or this was done on purpose.  Thanks.

Originally posted by @Dennis Haefner :

Bill, go to page number 76 and see if the next page is blank and then scroll down and see if you now are on chapter 9 and page 187.  Trying to figure out if I just got a bad download or this was done on purpose.  Thanks.

My download is the complete book (233 pages and 10 chapters). I had no problem downloading it (and the audiobook).

The Straight Path to Real Estate is an overview of how lease options work and their advantages/disadvantages. That said, the book is an overview; the intent is for the reader to get more education, either through Kris Krohn's courses or other means. I personally am interested in his starter course as I want some handholding starting out. 

Amelia, I was going to do the same thing. I decided the lease option deal isn't for me, at least not right now. It might work for you. I 've been looking for a mentor and some hands on help myself, but should be able to get everything needed here on BP.

I have been watching his videos like crazy lately, and just started reading the book mentioned above.

I'm not interested in purchasing a course from him, but I do think his youtube channel offers great tidbits for newbies such as myself.

Been watching his videos a lot lately. I have Wendy Patton's course on sandwich leases which are similar, but Kris' lease option system claims to be more legal and foolproof. Was supposed to have call today from his team, but they were late one hour so I got a text instead, and I didn't see the price of $1000 for the course. 

I have done some research on his legitimacy. Apparently, one of his companies had to be investigated by the SEC. The SEC found no fraud, however, they looked down upon their bulk purchases of property, but it wasn't technically illegal. So they restructured that and now Limitless is now a separate thing from that company, which is Done For You Real Estate.

My other option other than getting that course for $1000 (or doing it myself) is DFY. They charge $4995 coordination fee after you purchase a property that they have found and that includes property management and finding tenants and also looking into more investments every 6 months by leveraging the first property. They also have a lending team. At least that's what the person on their Facebook page Messenger told me.

@Dennis Haefner I have that book, picked it up 2nd hand on line for $3.99. Its geared for the beginner, talks up the pros and cons of each REI model. Walks through the basics of lease option, which he thinks is the best business model. For under $5 it's worth the read, even if you only get one thing out of it. I'm trying to learn more on these forums as well.

The $1000 deal is on his limitless website, links are in his youtube descriptions.

I've been watching some of his video's too and it does seem interesting and makes a lot of sense.

For me, there are still some gaps on how to deal with certain things, but that's mainly because I'm still a rookie.

The $1000 doesn't seem too much if you factor in that you need to hire an attorney and have him create an iron-clad lease agreement that references the option agreement. Sure you could look around and find something online, but again, being a rookie, is it going to be the right document. I need a certain amount of hand-holding and coaching and think there's definitely some value here.

To partner w KK and his team, its $10k to $25K to join his partnership program (he has 3 levels) then $2K to $5K Acquisition Fee Plus the 50% equity split per property. So maybe ends up being 10% to 12.5% annual for the passive partner. (Don't forget to split the 20% to 25% K shows by 50%)

His minimum expectations are:

  1. 20% Annual Net ROI Per Property Per Year
  2. 8-12% Cash on Cash ROI Per Property Per Year
  3. Average Value of Properties $150,000.00
  4. Average Down Payment on Properties $30,000-$60,000 (range between cash flow markets and growth markets)
  5. Coordination Fee Per Property of $2,000-$5,000
  6. SWAN Account Formation of $10,000 For The First Property and $5,000 Per Property After That (Sleep Well At Night Account)
  7. Minimum Duplication of Portfolio: Double Your Portfolio Size Every 5 Years

Hey @David Kitchen ,

This is really helpful and thank you for sharing. Have you moved forward with the partnership and have any feedback of how it’s going so far?

I have a call tomorrow with one the team members and having a really hard time deciding whether or not this is a good investment for me? With my current job I’m looking to start building a portfolio of rentals to generate cash flow as passively as I can which is what attracted me to this model