Rodent discovered in property under contract?

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I have a house under contract to purchase as is.  When I went to do some measurements last week, I found a possum behind the water pipes behind the bath.  Should I have the seller remove the possum prior to close or take a discount to the sale price so we can close on schedule?  

@Sovat Chheang Rental Property Investor from Rockville, MD

Hi Sovat, me as a Realtor, I would kindly ask the seller to remove. But for whatever reason, if seller's are unable to, then guess what?! I would do it or pay for someone to do it. No Joke!  No reason to risk a fall-out of contract due to a dead critter, in my line of work. 

Hope this helps.

-Rudy Vazquez

It depends. If the home is in California, RE law requires that the possum be given 90 days notice to evict.  If the possum has a rental agreement, the possum can retain possession though contract end.

I ended buying the possum too.  Thanks for everyone's input! 

When you buy 'as is' you'll have to expect surprises. If a possum turns out to have been your biggest surprise , you'll have gotten a great deal!

I would make a big deal of it and just get rid of it after purchase. Why cut off your nose to spite your face by pushing the seller to do more than he's interested in doing?