Earnest money on an all cash offer?

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My realtor is asking for the following information when I told her I would like to put an all cash offer in on a property. “proof of funds, the legal name you want the title in, how much earnest deposit you’d like to put down and what date you’d like to close on.” I have the money in a checking account to cover the entire deal. Is all of this required? Can anyone explain the risks of the earnest deposit? How much would you recommend on a $60,000 property in need of some work.

These are 100% Norma. I have always paid cash and always had an EMD required, as well as POF. I have had EMDs as low as $1000 and as high as $11,000. Obviously the lower the better, however keep in mind if you are competing with other cash buyers, the EMD becomes something the seller looks at when reviewing the offers.

POF is easy to just show the account with balance or get a letter from the bank (I've done both).

Thanks Brian! Just starting out in the real estate game as an active duty Army Officer in Germany, so it’s hard to trust “out of state” realtors that I’ve never met.

Thanks for the confirmation