Hello friends,

I am sure many of you use the biggerpockets calculators for deal analysis, these are amazing tools to help new and even seasoned investors identify deals quickly and accurately. As many of you know professionals at large investment funds do not rely on these calculators, they use software such as Argus (which i happen to be skilled in) to analyze deals. These professional softwares are expensive and difficult to use.

Does anyone use any softwares besides Argus they can recommend? I am interested in anything I can add to my toolbelt! 

Also If anyone in the group needs help analyzing deals and doesnt have access to argus, or just wants a second set of eyes looking at a prospective acquisition please send me a message or reply to this post! I do not want and will not accept ANY form of compensation for this, I just want a chance to apply my newly acquired software and my newly acquired finance degree to help others identify great investments!

Take care,