DMV Investor looking for Long Distance opportunities

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I live in the Northern Va area and I'm searching for my first investment property. I want to stay within the range of 50-90k and I want something that needs some rehab work done so I can BRRRR the property.

Because of my desires I need to look outside my local market. I also would like the area to not be more than a 2 hour flight so no further west than say St. Louis. My initial choice was the Norfolk are because I'm familiar but there really isn't much growth in the area if your not right on the campus.

Any advice?

@Gabriel A. You've got a lot of options within a two hour flight. Pretty much the whole East coast and you can find out if properties in your price range. Norfolk is a little flat right now, but sales are still got. Suffolk is growing strong though and is where I invest. I frequently come across deals that make great BRRRR properties. The price range you're looking for, is that just the buy price?