Insight on Kansas City, MO Multifamily Market

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After a few months of analysis paralysis I've finally narrowed down KCMO as a market of interest. I would be investing out-of-state though I plan to spend a few weeks there looking at properties and learning the area if everything pans out. I'd love to know if anyone from the area has any recommendations for wholesalers or investment agents or just any insight on the market they'd be willing to share. 

Everyone is going after duplexs and the like.... the smaller deals typically get picked up pretty quick. The bigger portfolios will sit for little longer and have less competition. Tri/Quads aren't as common every once and while they'll come up but it's pretty slim picking for ones not in bad areas....

I have an agent referral if you want it...

@Account Closed Kansas City is a great market.  It's my hometown so I am biased, however, I have watched the population, job market and city as a whole grow so much over the past 5-7 years.  The multi families are few and far between, a lot of new construction apartments have started as well.

@Keli Landowski Congrats on selecting the KCMO area, it’s definitely a hot market and things that do make it to the MLS don’t last. Duplexes sell exceptionally quick and most times off market. I’ve bought 4 in the last 13 months and contracted for 2 more to close in January...all off market. Find a good realtor or broker that can help you find pocket listings. Good luck!!