Searching Public Records

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I'm pretty savvy when it comes to searching and researching pubic records. That said, does anyone have any tips for me? Anything you finally realized after dozens upon hundreds of hours pouring over the county clerk, tax collector, and property appraisers sites? I'm looking at a specific property that is going up for auction. It was handed back and forth half a dozen times between people, entities and LLC's, so my head is swimming trying to get a hold on the info. Looking for any tips that will help out! PS - it's Sunday so I will be calling all the appropriate departments and the like tomorrow to get some answers. PPS - the house is vacant and has an "unsafe" notice on the door.

Hey Stephanie,

Do you find that you typically have to go down to the city hall/county courthouse to get theses records? I can find tax lien sale lists and things at times on these government websites but they usually are outdated a few months

@Stephanie Fay what kind of  auction and what are the terms? Some auctions you are guaranteed clear title. Some you are not. In the later case you need to know what liens may remain attached to the property. That in turn may depend on the type of auction; foreclosure, tax, public etc.