Deciding whether to close on a deal or move on

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Hey so ive found this deal i like, i go out look at the property talked to the tenants and the seller and i got a good feeling. (motivated seller) So  the house was taken off the market and the house is under contract. The seller and her lawyer sent us the contract and we got it back to them within a week with revision, and now the seller has had it for 3 weeks now.. with the Lawyer being on vacation for 1 week for his honeymoon. how long do i stay in this deal?

Or should i just not fall in love with this house and move on to the next deal?

Hi Meshack,
Has the deadline passed on the contract? 

A possible powerful way to find out what's up is send them an email with the title "Have you given up on finishing this sale?" if they don't respond, you know it is dead. 

I'm not sure they qualify as motivated if they are willing to sit on it for three weeks. There will be another deal out there for you.