No Disclosure from selling agent?

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Im seeing a pretty decent amount of deals in my area that are on market and the selling agent makes it a point to say that this property is "no disclosure". 

Is this very common in your experiences? Should I be aware of potential headaches ahead should I pursue? 

yes  get a home inspection that you pay for if your not keen on knowing whats going one when you walk through them.

I bought a foreclosure once in Atlanta and when we went to turn on the power.. some crooks got up in the attic and ripped all the copper out from up there.. had to rewire the whole house.. :(

@Evan Parker -- It's pretty common for investment-level properties.  No disclosure just means that the seller/owner likely has no idea about the condition of the property and its innards, and is making no claim about any of it, for instance someone who inherited a rental property and has never lived there or inspected it personally.   It could also mean that they're hiding things.  Either way, it's "caveat emptor" -- it's on you to find out everything you need to know, via inspection and records research.