Would you rent right next to a cell tower?

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I am interested in buying a high-end townhouse and renting it out. The only problem is that it is literally right next to a huge cell tower, with a bedroom view of it. Recent articles I have read online say that studies have been done and have shown much higher amounts of radiation if you live .3 miles away from a cell tower, which this place is located within that radius. Should I be concerned about finding renters? Would this bother you in the $2,000 a month range? 

@Larry King - I develop, own, and broker towers. The non ionIzIng radiation you speak of is not issue unless you are literally standing right in front of the antennas. That is obviously not happening in your case or on any case for that matter. There are numerous articles on the internet that talk about this perceived issues and reputable ones disprove any problems. There are quacks out there that will say otherwise though.